Self-service Data Logistics Platform as a Service

Secure, easy, compliant data movement and sharing at up to 90% lower costs


Just like you use FedEx® for package logistics, you can use Blockfenders™ for data logistics

Move and share data easily while saving 90% on costs

Attain ease of use and reduce reliance on engineering teams with no code and zero engineering

Achieve compliance like GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27001, HIPAA

Deploy to any cloud or on-premise in minutes

Stop using insecure data sharing techniques like email, ODBC, FTP

Eliminate complex data pipelines for data movement

Improve data governance and auditability with smart contracts

Improve data quality and increase data accessibility and delivery for faster and better informed decision-making

What is Blockfenders?

Blockfenders is a self-service data logistics platform as a service that automates and optimizes data pipelining, reducing costs by up to 90% compared to other solutions. It enables secure, easy, and compliant data movement and sharing, powered by built-in data governance, management, lineage, and privacy preservation, thus consolidating your data stack. Further, it streamlines your data supply chain and unlocks data across organizational boundaries, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or from third-party sources.

With Blockfenders, you can automate workflows across the entire data pipeline, including collection and ingestion, cataloging, anonymization, encryption, tokenization, transformation, cost-effective storage, and controlled, granular data movement and sharing—all interactively and without writing a single line of code.

What problem does Blockfenders solve?

  • Streamlines broken data supply chain

  • Makes data pipelining cost effective
  • Simplifies data pipelining
  • No need to hire skilled engineers to implement data pipelining. Eliminates data security, governance and compliance risks

  • Makes data movement and sharing better and robust with built-in data management, governance, privacy preservation and lineage
  • Easy to operationalize controlled, granular data movement and sharing with one or multiple parties



  • Smart contracts based data governance
  • Granular permissions
  • Controlled data sharing and delivery
  • Tamper resistent data lineage
  • Data source isolation
  • SSH
  • VPN Tunnelling (coming soon)


  • UI based interactive experience, messaging interface
  • Built-in data catalog.
  • Can integrate with other catalogs
  • Supports transformations
  • Automated pipelines, centralization
  • Incremental data processing and pipeline development with upsert
  • Data management at individual record level
  • Streaming data ingestion
  • Clustering, compression, indexing, de-duplication, ACID compatibility
  • Pre-built data integrations
  • Join, query, visualize data
  • Handles read-heavy and write-heavy use cases


  • Data protection & privacy preservation in data provider’s infrastructure itself
  • Encryption
  • Tokenization
  • Anonymization
  • Handles data privacy scenarios involving updates and deletions at the record level


  • Support for heterogeneous cloud and on-premise databases, lakes, warehouses and applications
  • Open table format and open source data management with Apache HUDI
  • Open standard data file format, Parquet
  • On premise or cloud deployment using Kubernetes
  • Data governance and lineage with Hyperledger

How it works?

Use Cases

Move and share
data within the

Move and share
data across

Move and share
data across

Move and share
data from
database to
another database

Move and share
data from production
to staging environment

Move and share
data from database
to low cost storage

Move and share
data from database
to data lakes and warehouses

Move and share
data from one cloud
or on-premise to another cloud

How to Get Started?

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