Ubiquitous, easy, granular and interoperable data sharing with minimal liability

  • Easily share any data with minimal liability and without using inefficient mechanisms like file transfer, RPC, ETL, direct access, views.
  • Exchange data granularly across and between lines of business, teams, organizations, applications and geographies with APIs, Kafka and integrations.
  • No platform, infrastructure vendor lock-in with support for multi-cloud and on-premise environment, and interoperability with the use of Parquet and JSON


Accelerate digital transformation with maximum data utility

  • Free siloed and sheltered data for increased data access, sharing and decision-making.
  • Easily meet privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements for data exchanged.
  • Accelerate digital business with a single source of truth of data, verifiable data workflows, and zero-trust data architecture.


Protect data resources rather than just security perimeter

  • Protect data resources like raw data, workflows and assets with zero-trust (ZT) architecture and decentralization.
  • Manage, validate and immutably log data sharing rules and agreements using smart contracts.
  • Minimize impact of imposters, compromised administrators on data and keep audit logs tamper proof.


Data verifiability, trust, transparency, integrity and privacy preservation

  • Keep the data exchanged and stored verifiable without revealing the data, de-identified and accurate.
  • Facilitate tamper-evidence with immutable audit trail containing a verifiable history of transactions.
  • Achieve transparency and full context with lineage and provenance.


Automated data workflows with no code, raw data isolation

  • Automate structuring of data into tables, indexing, file sizing, upserts and more with no code.
  • Achieve data masking, verification, encryption, lineage with no pipelining or ETL.
  • No sharing or revealing of raw data.


Prevent data manipulation and protect data from insider threats and external attacks

  • Prevent manipulation of raw data, sensitive data like PII, PCI and PHR and metadata by keeping metadata and data immutable, and logically & physically isolated.
  • Protect data from leakages, insider threats and external attacks like ransomware with trust-based mechanisms.
  • Prove that data has not been unexpectedly deleted or changed without revealing the data with cryptography and zero-knowledge (ZK).


Flexible, and scalable sharing of streaming data or data at rest

  • Data publisher (sender) can share streaming data or data at rest at any scale and at a granular level with consumer (receiver) using two approaches.
  • Consumer gets access to a local copy of data on their node (building block of deployment) connected to Blockfenders.
  • Consumer gets access to data from where it lives on the publisher node itself, and without data replication or movement.


80% lower costs, reduced time to market and unblocked teams

  • Save 80% on costs, reduce time to value and unblock teams with highly secure data workflows in a few clicks.
  • Do not worry about human resources, tools, infrastructure, performance, scalability, uptime and reliability for data exchange and management.
  • Do not need multiple cost-prohibitive solutions, highly technical engineers or complex code to share and manage data.


Easy governance and compliance, no data disputes

  • Prevention of identity abuse and privileged credentials, and secure data access with ZKP based password less authentication, fine grained access control, and asymmetric encryption.
  • Prevent data ownership and exchange related disputes with smart contracts and immutable records of transactions on a distributed ledger.
  • Simplify compliance with tamper evident and verifiable history and lineage.


Fast-track business value with data monetization (Will be available in GA. Please join the waitlist)

  • Monetize and commercialize data with Blockfenders tokens backed by shareable data assets.
  • Assemble, package, valued and distribute data assets using Blockfenders marketplace.
  • Create new business models with data leasing and subscription